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31.7.2005 We released a demo at Asm'05 called No Trace. To our much surprise we found out at Assembly that some of our other group members had made a demo of their own in secrecy. It was published under the name Division and the demo was called The Apparatus. No Trace came 8th and The Apparatus came 10th.

31.7.2005 Aikapallo came first in the Fast Music Compo with a piece called Tarmo! What makes this even more of an achievement is that the piece was composed on a machine which was far from compatible with Impulse Tracker making the samples sound terrible. You can listen to a sample of what the song sounded like when it was composed.

31.7.2005 b. o. w.'s Freestyle Graphics Compo entry Tree came 8th. The picture was done in 15 minutes and it was hastily finished and packaged in the last 10 minutes before submission deadline. ;)

10.8.2003 We released a demo at Asm'03 called m1nt-t34. Due to a number of adversitys the demo never got to the finals. We're quite happy with the demo though and had fun in the making of it.

9.8.2003 Once again congratulations to our musician Aikapallo who came second in the Fast Music competion at Assembly '03 with his piece 'Parempi kuin Pekka' and 4th in the Vocal Music compo with Liekit!

6.6.2003 Updated some demo descriptions and links.

16.4.2003 Recovered a lost password and the site can be updated again.

16.1.2003 Yet another new 3D engine (yane) is being devised!

21.10.2002 Added a feedback form to the site. (Feedback form)

15.10.2002 New look for the r.r.e. website.

07.10.2002 With the help of our new visiting crew member Majere we've begun planning a new demo.

19.08.2002 Removed a non Opera-compliant part of the site. Also some more of our members have put info about themselves on the members page.

03.08.2002 Our musician for Kraah, Aikapallo, won the Fast Music Compo with his work Jetkalenkka. Congratulations to him!

03.08.2002 At the Assembly 2002. We have a demo! (Though it didn't get to the finals -editor)

13.07.2002 Our crew is working late hours to bring yet another marvellous demo to the Assembly demo party.

13.07.2002 Opening of the R. R. E. web site.